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#innovate23 SEL Session Descriptions


Mindful Self-Care Strategies

Greg Hungerford, Special School District of St. Louis County

Learn how mindfulness supports the brain and body and can benefit self-care and wellness.

Practice a variety of mindful self-care strategies that are practical, impactful and empowering.

Apply mindful self-care strategies to navigate and proactively respond to the ongoing demands facing educators.


Reset the Mindset

Kim Elder and Christie Scott, City of St. Charles School District

Learn how using mindfulness techniques, especially grounding, can help both students and staff find their calm. 

Explore mindfulness techniques to plan and develop calm areas, calm transitions and mindful moments within a classroom or school setting.  

Gain resources, handouts and guidance to easily create a calm area and mindful opportunities within your school.

Student Led SEL

Rebecca Alden and Jennifer Joergensen, Fox C-6 School District

Learn how student leaders can help a school facilitate SEL initiatives in their building.

Use concepts to design materials to be used during the closing session.

Gain ideas and projects to be used at your school.

Wait! My LMS Can Do What?

Brian Reed and Maria Tenny, Rockwood School District

Learn how an LMS can support executive function and social-emotional growth and provide equitable access to curricular materials and resources through intention and effective course design. 

Explore how an LMS can support the whole learner through a variety of activities. 

Gain techniques to immediately leverage your LMS to meet learners’ needs through Multi-Tiered System of Support, SEL strategies and other activities that enhance the learning experience.