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EdPlus Direct

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Connect, Collaborate and Learn with EdPlus Direct!

EdPlus Direct offers personalized collaborative learning with a real-time presenter that is accessible from anywhere!

Our virtual PD is your source for quick learning sessions on relevant topics and designed to provide strategies that can be implemented immediately into your instructional practices – whether it is an in-person or virtual environment.

In addition to these virtual PD sessions, check out additional learning opportunities, some with nationally recognized thought leaders, on our PD Calendar.

Choose a Topic Below to View Our Current List of Virtual Courses Available


equity IA SEL TECH 24/7  

              Build awareness and
              deepen understanding of
              issues and practices
              around equity, diversity
                 and inclusion.

               Learn research-based
               strategies related to
               instructional design and
               delivery to meet the
               needs of your students.

                  Enhance student
                  integrating social
                  practices in your school.

                  Foster creativity
                  collaboration and
                  through effective
                  use of technology.

                     Edplus Direct
                     24/7 Courses