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Instruction & Assessment

Supporting the development and execution of instructional design and delivery to meet the needs of all students through research-based strategies and programs

Career Advisors
Ensuring that Missouri students will have the knowledge, skills and experiences to make successful transitions to post-secondary options based on their educational and career goals.

Literacy Consultants K-12
Providing professional development, observation and feedback, coaching and LETRS training that is rich in research and experience to work with schools that captures the comprehensive nature of literacy including word recognition, assessment, vocabulary, comprehension and writing.

Math Consultants K-12
Providing research-based support that assists local growth in Mathematical Fluency and Rigor through multiple resources including building Thinking Classrooms and increasing classroom discourse through the 5 Practices.

Migrant English Language Learners (MELL)
Empowering educators through effective and relevant professional development and technical assistance to ensure equitable education and to maximize the potential of cultural and linguistically diverse students.

Missouri Model Districts (DCI & MMD)
Improving the educational outcomes for all students, especially students with disabilities, through an evidence-based professional development approach focused on district-level implementation of effective educational systems and practices.

Missouri Teacher Development System (MTDS)
Created to help support new teachers, early career teachers, teacher mentor and future teacher leaders with professional development to enhance their skills, provide networking opportunities and retain educators within our schools. This program also includes a Grow Your Own cohort to help identify and recruit new teachers.

MTDS Flyer

National Board Certification
Certification opportunity to connect professional learning with classroom practice bringing to life a teacher’s experience, helping them reflect on individual student learning needs and demonstrate their commitment to excellence in the classroom.

Special Education (SPED)
Assisting school districts with special education programming, professional development and technical assistance to improve the academic performance and postsecondary outcomes for students with disabilities.



Migrant English Language Learners (MELL)