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With an All Access Pass, you can view the Opening Session and 29 additional breakout sessions recorded from the METC 2022 Conference. Plus, this pass includes 10 pre-recorded sessions from educators and a bonus session with Jennifer Gonzalez, Tech and the Brain: Matching Tools with Research.

If you purchased an All Access pass, session recordings can be accessed via the EducationPlus Learning Portal until Sunday, June 5.

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#METC22 Featured Speaker Spark Sessions

Jennifer Gonzalez - Next-Level Ed Tech: Are We Thinking Big Enough?
With so many tools at our disposal, now is the time to be asking ourselves how we—and our students—can be using technology to impact our world in ways that will really improve people's lives.


Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas - Believing, Belonging, Border Crossing: Educators Bridging Gaps and Buttressing Hope in Uncertain Times 
There is no denying that we are living in uncertain and even unprecedented times...times that have added additional complexity and angst for even the most committed educators. Still, in the face of adversity, not only is there hope but there are tremendous opportunities that could actually ignite new levels of teaching, leadership and educational excellence--particularly for those who have been historically marginalized by traditional schooling.


Dr. Tim Bono - Stressed About Screens 
The last decade has seen rapid increases in both technology and in mental health problems. The simultaneous rise in both is likely not a coincidence. Discover
research on the psychological effects of social media along with guidelines for healthy use of screen time and technology.

#METC22 Recorded Sessions

Becoming a Google Guru
Lindsay Schmidt, EducationPlus
A crash course in everything Google! Learn tips and tricks for amplifying the use of Google Sheets, Forms, Calendar and Slides. Explore how to engage students and stay organized while gaining ideas you can use today!

Digital Age Mentors
Bill Bass, Parkway School District
Digital tools and content continue to evolve and provide teachers and students new ways to create and use information. Explore the unique position of educators in providing guidance and support as digital mentors and gain better understanding of these digital landscapes.

Digital Tools to Support Engaged Learning
Shannon Steimel, Hazelwood School District
Did trying to captivate students that you couldn't actually hold captive make you wonder how much you were really engaging them before?  Discover what true engagement looks like in a blended learning environment and the best digital tools to support active, deep learning.

Empowering School Leaders through Social Media
Ted Huff and Christy Brooks, EducationPlus
Brand your school, empower educators, & increase student voice. Join us to explore Social Media and its positive impact on staff engagement, student achievement, and community awareness. Topics: Tech Cafe, & Student Digital Showcase. Apps: Voxer, Twitter, Jamboard, Padlet, Presenter Media, and more.

Empowering Learners Through Blended Learning
April Burton, Francis Howell School District
With goal setting, conferencing and student choice, blended learning meets the needs of each student. Explore strategies to pair in-person instruction with the use of online tools to create meaningful learning experiences.

Ferguson, FREEdership and the Future of Education
Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas, Featured Speaker
2020 was a landmark year in the movement for social justice, a landscape that includes historical events in Missouri. Extend your leadership lens and be inspired to consider the power of FREEdership, including the role of athletics in the future of education.

FREEACH: You Are Curriculum
Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas, Featured Speaker
Nuanced conversations and understandings about 'what' and 'who' in curriculum are uncommon. Be challenged to reimagine your conceptualizations of curriculum and recommit to the noble profession of education.

Getting Back to the Basics
Teri Green and Jill Badalamenti, Normandy Schools Collaborative
Today is stacked with newer technology. New technologies introduce new vectors. Hackers haven't become more sophisticated. The truth is we have forgotten the basics! Learn how to get back to the basics.

Google Drawing: The Little Red Corvette
Mandi Tolen, St. Joseph School District
Learn how to use Google Drawing to create resources for your classroom and enable students to create their own content. Digital stickers, custom images for lessons or an infographic? Google Drawing has you covered! Come take a ride in the Little Red Corvette Google Drawing

Hack your Organizational Skills using G-Suite
Christy Brooks and Tanya Garcia, EducationPlus
What's the waffle and French fry? I have floaters! My email inbox is overflowing! There's a task app? Do I need a template? It's live...what does that mean? Learn some G-Suite hacks to help simplify your life and build collaboration opportunities!    

Innovative Instruction to Increase Engagement
Bethany Petty, Central R-3 School District
Students learn best when they are engaged and connected to their content, but how do we ensure this happens in our learning environment? Explore five strategies that can be implemented to increase engagement through innovative instructional practices that are sure to hook students in learning!

Instructional Sequence Matters
Patrick Brown, Fort Zumwalt School District
Discover why instructional sequence is so critical in promoting higher levels of learning.  Explore-before-explain teaching is a purposeful instructional sequence that engages students in active meaning and transfers learning by gaining "how to" and "about" knowledge. 

Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness
Dr. Tim Bono, Featured Speaker
Explore some of his favorite studies from Dr. Bono's popular college course on the Science of Happiness. Discover simple research-based strategies that we can all incorporate into our lives to become just a little happier every day.

Privacy Matters: Protect Student Data
Greg Lawrence and Amanda Moody, Wentzville School District
In education, it is our duty to protect students, and ensure their safety and well-being. This includes safeguarding student data privacy. The Wentzville School District Instructional Technology Team will share their journey of protecting student data and privacy. Discover the urgency and importance behind developing a district student data privacy procedure, vetting resources, and joining forces with the Missouri Student Privacy Alliance to create a resource registry for not only your district but others in the state of Missouri and beyond.

Rockin’ Digital Learning
Brian Reed, Rockwood School District
We have been ‘rockin’ Digital Learning for two years. So now what? Explore how digital learning opportunities have evolved in the Rockwood School District for all K-12 students. Discuss curricular content design, equity and accessibility, resource integration, investment in technology, partnerships with local businesses and other factors that have enriched digital learning in our district.

The Secret Life of Co-Design
Andrea Cook and Katie Boody, LeanLab Education
What if new solutions were co-designed by the learning community that uses them? Teachers, students and parents deserve to have their voice in the creation of solutions. LEANLAB Education will share how your school/district can co-design the solutions of the future.

Serving Equitable and Engaging Digital Platforms
Sonya Murray and Christy Brooks, EducationPlus
Explore best practices for ensuring equitable teaching and learning while using popular digital platforms. In addition, participants will access resources and tools designed to keep students engaged.

Share Your Story Through Podcasts
Jonathon Lee, Besty Ridenhour and John Schuler, EducationPlus and Central RPDC
If you don't tell your school's story, then someone else will! Using podcasts to share the amazing things happening in your building is an easy and effective way to reach your community! Learn how easy it is to be a podcaster and put the stories of your staff and students in your community's ears!

Shark Tank: Design Thinking in Your Classroom
Candy Holloway and Hannah Johnson, Fort Zumwalt School District
Engage students in the 5 stages of the design thinking process while solving problems related to your content. Participants will empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test “Shark Tank” designs with authentic audiences. The offer stands - 45 minutes of your time for 100% stake in student learning.

Start at the End: Choosing Tech with Backward Design
Jennifer Gonzalez, Featured Speaker
How do we avoid getting distracted by the "shiny objects" of tech and stay focused on learning? One way is with backward design. Using examples from different content areas, we'll explore how to do this.

STEM: Attracting and Maintaining Diversity
Ericka Mabion, Kansas City Public Schools
Discover strategies to attract students, teachers and all stakeholders into your inclusive environments. Explore ideas to fund and expand the resources available for your STEM initiatives, and discuss the importance of shifting our approach to STEM education.

Sweet Dreams: The Impact of Sleep on Well-Being
Dr. Tim Bono, Featured Speaker
Discover the important work the brain does when we are asleep and the implications it has for both our emotional well-being and mental acuity. Explore how a well-timed power nap can refresh us without throwing off the next night's sleep schedule.

The Symbiotic Curriculum: School Meets Real Life
Jennifer Gonzalez, Featured Speaker
Now more than ever, we have an opportunity to create a symbiotic relationship between school and community: tapping into local resources, solving local problems and becoming truly active citizens of our communities.

Tackling Social and Emotional Learning
John Converse, EducationPlus
The words Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) are everywhere. Our job is to figure out how to use our resources to create a plan for optimal Culture and Climate. Since that is a big job, let’s take time to unpack CASEL’s 5 core competencies of SEL and build that plan together.

Teaching Future World Changers
Ariel Jankord, Spring Hill School District
Helping students be open to new ideas and empathetic to the world around them requires a team effort.Learn how  teachers from Spring Hill School District embraced our theme, “Teaching Future World Changers,” and collaborated to create authentic learning opportunities for our students.

Technology Integration: What's a Leader to Do?
Sherri Kulpa, EducationPlus
Instructional leaders are charged with ensuring the integration of tech tools to support student learning.  What does effective technology use look like?  How can you support teachers in best practices with tech?  Explore concrete examples to support high quality tech integration.

Together is Better: Show Me Canvas
Brian Reed and Regional Educators, Rockwood School District
As Joe Cocker astutely sang, "I get by with a little help from my friends." Collaboration with others provides power, equity and stability. Join a panel of local educator experts who use the Canvas LMS, and find out how we created and actively participate in a collaborative cohort to serve as a support system for creating, developing and managing Canvas content in our districts.

Walk, Listen and Share
Jonathon Lee, EducationPlus
Get ready for a conference session like no other! A curated list of podcast episodes highlighting different focus areas of the conference will be provided. Choose an episode, then walk inside or outside while listening and learning. Finally, we'll share the benefits of learning while getting a little exercise!

#METC22 Pre-Recorded Bonus Sessions


Applied Digital Skills 
Amanda Moody, Wentzville School District
Applied Digital Skills is a free curriculum that engages late elementary through adult-aged learners with work and life skills. Learn how to get started with ADS - from signing up to assigning lessons on Google Classroom.

Blended Learning and Brain Research
April Burton, Francis Howell School District 
Learn how to change the learning dynamic. Using prominent cognitive and neuro research along with tools for goal-setting, reflection and formative assessment, explore best practices for developing independent learners engaged in mastering their own learning.

Ditch Traditional Grading, Find Mastery in Google 
Ariel Jankord, Spring Hill School District 
Are you tired of grading averages not truly representing what students can do? Explore how conditional formatting in Google Sheets can make tracking student mastery manageable. The result is a highly visual and organized system for greater understanding of how students are performing in class. 

Empowering Learners Through Genius Hour 
Shelby Ward, Chillicothe School District
Are you wondering how to foster independent learning? Learn how one hour a week will transform and enhance your elementary classroom and empower your students.

I Love Spreadsheets and You Can Too: Practical Advice and Tips
Matt Goodman, Pattonville R-III School District  
This is the session that SO many have requested...spreadsheets from data expert, Dr. Matt Goodman. Learn tips for common formatting issues, working with data and reporting. Discover useful functions across various spreadsheet programs (Excel, Pages, Google Sheets) and have the opportunity to work with a file while exploring concepts covered in this session.  

Mindfulness Matters
Brian Dunn and Lindsay Schmidt, EducationPlus 
Yes, mindfulness DOES matter! Practicing mindfulness helps improve self-regulation, increase awareness, and appreciate the little things in life. Join us to learn how you can use mindfulness in your school to support students and colleagues!

Organization and Productivity Using Google Keep 
Stephanie Madlinger, EducationPlus
Are you a note-taker, but lose track of them? Do you use sticky notes, but lose those too? If you use checklists, audio reminders, can’t do life without your calendar, this session is for you! Come learn how to save time and collaborate with family, friends and colleagues on projects by using Google’s best organization tool, Google Keep. In this session you will learn basic features of Google Keep, explore uses for note taking and list making and discover how to be more productive and efficient.

Promote a Shared Vision 
Rob Greenhaw, Ted Huff and Jonathon Lee, EducationPlus 
You are doing amazing things within your classroom or school, but who knows about it? Promoting your awesomeness is key in getting all stakeholders moving the same direction. Come learn and discuss innovative ways to promote your school or classroom.

Tech and the Brain: Matching Tools with Research
Jennifer Gonzalez, Featured Speaker 
Explore a collection of research-based learning principles and how each one can be boosted by pairing them with specific tools.

Using Google Forms to Teach, Not Test 
Sherri Kulpa, EducationPlus