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Midwest Education Technology Community
As the EdTech program of EducationPlus, the Midwest Education Technology Community (METC) is an ISTE affiliate dedicated to assisting educators through the support, promotion and leadership in the effective use of technology.

We help schools utilize their wired classrooms to their fullest capability and integrate technology to improve student performance. Studies show that by fostering creativity, collaboration and communication through technology, students are more motivated to learn.

In addition to PD opportunities throughout the year, we host the Midwest Education Technology Community (METC) Conference. This annual event is for anyone who wants to rethink and redesign their teaching practices through the many technology tools available to educators.

To learn more about how our EdTech programs can support learning in your classroom, create customized PD for your school or the METC Conference, contact Stephanie Madlinger at or 314-692-1212.



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