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EducationPlus Cooperative Purchasing offers quality products at competitive prices that have been through a local or national bid process. This saves school districts time because they do not have to handle the bid process.

Our Current List of EdPlus Vendors

Benefits of EducationPlus Cooperative Purchasing:

  • Any school district, university, public entity, government agency or non-profit can purchase from our Marketplace
  • From pencils to roofs, the Marketplace offers a large selection of products
  • Our bidding process enables us to offer competitive prices
  • EducationPlus partners with Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA) to provide nationally bid products
  • Our representatives can handle refunds or exchanges and resolve any issues

Interested in learning more? Contact our staff. 

Chief Operating Officer Steve Griggs at or 314-692-1209
Customer Service Representative Sarah Golliday at or 314-692-1235
Customer Service Representative Caitlin Morgan at or 314-692-1226


• Compare Items From Multiple Vendors within One Screen
• Immediate Savings Alert For A Lower Priced Item Compared To One In Your Cart
• Multiple Users Can Save And Share A Single Cart Saving You Time
• Streamline Orders With Multiple Vendors All In One Cart
• Real Time Ordering Convenience
• Search All Products And Services Easily By Keyword, Category, Item or Name