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Celebrate Support Staff Conference

Our annual conference is designed to provide valuable professional development for support staff. With a variety of breakout sessions to choose from, attendees can personalize their learning experience to align with specific interests and professional goals. It also provides a forum to connect with others across the region who serve students behind the scenes fostering a stronger sense of community and the opportunity to exchange ideas.

Keynote Speaker Paya Sample will kick-off the conference and share strategies for how every staff member can lead from any seat. Leadership is not measured by the height of one's stature or the grandeur of one's title but by the depth of one's commitment to uplifting and empowering others.

Conference strands include:

  • Culture and Climate – enabling the ability to create a positive work environment, supportive work culture and stronger communication skills
  • Technology and Job Skills – strengthening practical skills on specific software, time management and other job-related skills
  • Health and Wellness – emphasizing the importance of stress management, mindfulness and self-care to promote a healthy work-life balance

Support staff learn new skills that can be applied to their personal and professional life enabling them to be more effective and efficient in their everyday roles. They also leave inspired and energized knowing that they make a difference in the lives of students every day.




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