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Celebrate Support Staff Conference
June 13, 2023
Eureka High School

Join us at our annual conference designed to celebrate support staff! Choose from more than 20 breakout sessions to personalize your day of learning and connect with others who serve students behind the scenes.     

Conference content strands include Health and Wellness, Culture and Climate, and Technology and Job Skills with 60 or 90-minute sessions. Learn new skills you can apply to your personal and professional life and leave inspired knowing that you make a difference in the lives of students every day. 

Keynote Speaker Tim Bono will kick-off the conference and share simple research-based strategies that can be incorporated into our lives to become just a little happier every day.   



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Dr. Tim Bono 

Dr. Tim Bono is a faculty member in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis where his teaching and research focus on positive psychology and college student development. His work has been featured in a number of national media outlets including NBC News, CNN, Fast Company and the Associated Press. Over the last decade, thousands of students have taken his popular courses on the Psychology of Young Adulthood and the Science of Happiness. He summarizes the research from those courses, along with how his students have put that information into practice in their own lives, in his recent book, Happiness 101: Simple Secrets to Smart Living & Well-Being. 

60 and 90-minute session strands include Health and Wellness, Culture and Climate and Technology and Job Skills. A full schedule will be released soon. Some of the breakout sessions include:

Culture & Climate 

Building a School Community: Strategies for Cultivating and Fostering Connections and Collaboration 
Tanya Garcia and Stephanie Tuck, EducationPlus 
Explore how support staff can create a positive and inclusive school environment that impacts student success and staff satisfaction. Grow a better understanding of how your role can have an impact and gain practical tools for building relationships and fostering collaboration. 

Designing Your Work Life 
Dawnette Wiskur, Rockwood School District 
This session is based on the work of Bill Burnett and Dale Evans from Stanford University's Design School and their book, Designing Your Work Life.  They use the design thinking process to help individuals "transform their work lives by designing and building a better and more meaningful job without having to quit and find a new one.”  Engage in interactive activities that will allow for self-reflection and professional growth. 

Escalations: Two Paths - Which Will You Take? 
Bruce Hunter, EducationPlus 
Explore the two paths to handling escalations and the impact each one makes on your ability to de-escalate volatile situations. Discover how your behavior can positively or negatively impact students' behavior in "heat of the moment" situations. Learn how to stay out of power struggles and take the path which is focused on bringing back peace.  

Fantastic Strengths and Where to Find Them! 
Erin Lawson, Orchard Farm School District 
Attention all support staff! Join us for a magical journey of self-discovery as we delve into the mystical world of finding your strengths. Like the elusive creatures of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, our unique talents can be hidden within us, waiting to be discovered. With the help of the Sorting Hat, we will uncover our strengths and learn how to apply them to our daily lives. Come join us and unleash your inner wizard! Accio self-discovery! 

Learn How to Pronounce International Names 
Denise Mussman and Ron Klutho, University of Missouri – St. Louis 
Students feel connection with those who can pronounce their names. However, international names are often tricky, and it can be embarrassing if you can’t say them clearly. By becoming familiar with how most languages spell consonant and vowel sounds, you will be better equipped to recognize and pronounce the names of your foreign-born students. At the end of this session, there will be an added overview of spelling and sounds of common languages of immigrants to the St. Louis area: Chinese, Bosnian, Russian, Arabic and more. Imagine how impressed your students will be!    

Resolving Conflict with Radical Empathy 
DeAun Blumberg, EducationPlus 
In many cases, it is easy to be empathetic. We can see how another person is suffering and we just want to help. What do we do when it isn't so easy?  What do we do when WE are feeling attacked? Learn how to activate radical empathy so that so that you can resolve conflicts more readily. 

Useful Spanish Phrases for Everyday Interactions 
Rob Greenhaw, EducationPlus 
Learn and practice several high-leverage Spanish phrases that can be used when greeting and interacting with Spanish-speaking students and parents. The phrases will be easy to learn, fun and prepare support staff to be welcoming and helpful to Spanish-speaking students and families. 

Health & Wellness 

Behavioral Health Awareness in the Workplace 
Annie Merz, Personal Assistance Services EAP 
This session will create awareness and provide information on mental health and mental illness. Learn how to support individuals who may be suicidal, distressed, or exhibiting erratic or aggressive behaviors.  

Medicare 101 
Andrew Tyler, Senior Marketing Insurance Group Inc. 
An overview of Medicare and the two main coverage options as well as what is and is not covered.   

Technology & Job Skills  

Google Sites 
Laura Warren, EducationPlus 
Create professional looking websites quickly and easily with this tool. Learn how to add text, images, format and publish a website.   

Google Slides for Flyers, Certificates and More 
Laura Warren, EducationPlus 
Google Slides isn't just for presentations.  It can be used for flyers, social media banners, certificates, infographics and more. Learn to work with images, word art, text boxes and formatting. 

G-Suite for Organized Productivity 
Tanya Garcia and Stephanie Tuck, EducationPlus 
Want to be more productive and organized within your G-Suite? You have probably heard of many of the tools we will discuss, but have you dug into all they can do? Learn tips and tricks for using G-Suite to be more productive and organized. Tools we will explore include: Gmail, Google Tasks, Google Keep and Google Drive. 

"Marie Kondo" Your Google Drive 
Christy Brooks, EducationPlus 
Spark joy in your workday by decluttering your digital life. Learn practical tips to declutter your digital space, streamline workflow, and improve productivity. Say goodbye to a messy Drive and hello to a happier, more efficient you! 

Quick Insights from Your Google Sheets Data 
Laura Warren, EducationPlus 
Learn how to use data validation, conditional formatting, filter views, and charts to easily and quickly gather insights from your data.