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Matt Miller

Matt Miller has been infusing technology and innovative teaching methods into his classroom for more than 10 years. He is the author of six books, including Ditch That Textbook: Free Your Teaching and Revolutionize Your Classroom. He writes at the Ditch That Textbook blog about using technology and creative ideas in teaching. Matt is a Google Certified Innovator and Microsoft in Education Expert. He was named a ‘23-’24 Top 100 Influencer in EdTech by EdTech Digest. He won the WTHI-TV Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching. Connect with Matt @jmattmiller.


Leena Bakshi McLean

Leena Bakshi McLean is the founder of STEM4Real, a nonprofit professional learning organization committed to combining STEM learning and leadership with principles of equity, justice and youth action. Leena has worked with pre-service teachers at Claremont Graduate University teaching STEM methods and Universal Design for Learning and serves as the Director of Multicultural Education and Equity for the National Science Teaching Association. 

Leena is a former administrator and mathematics, science and anatomy teacher. Her research interests include anti-bias STEM education and how we can create access and opportunities for every student. Connect with Leena @LeenaBMc


Laura Boccanfuso

Laura Boccanfuso is the Founder and CEO of Van Robotics, a social robotics company dedicated to supporting educators and students with personalized learning tools using AI. Her career has focused on developing interactive, adaptive software that drives how robots support learning. Most recently her work at Van Robotics focuses on creating highly engaging robot tutors to accelerate learning for many different types of learners. Laura received the 2022 South Carolina Women in Business Award and has been recognized by TIME Best Inventions, SuperCharger Ventures, Siemens Digital Industries Software and was featured in CNN's 2023 Next Frontier Series, "How We'll Learn in 2050". 


Sheldon Eakins

Sheldon Eakins is passionate about helping educators accomplish equitable practices in their schools. He is the founder of the Leading Equity Center and host of The Art of Advocacy Livestream and the Leading Equity podcast. Sheldon is also the author Leading Equity, Becoming an Advocate for All Students that highlights how to transform your school and classroom with the best practices in equity. With over 15 years in education, he has served as a teacher, school principal, adjunct professor and Director of Special Education.  Connect with Sheldon on X (formerly Twitter) @sheldoneakins and on Instagram @sheldoneakins.

Matt Miller Sessions

Keynote: Tomorrow Glasses 
Artificial intelligence is growing exponentially. Teachers are left wondering … How does it impact the classroom? How do we ensure academic integrity? How can I plan for a future that is hard to envision? The key is to use Tomorrow Glasses. Explore practical steps to ensure your instruction is relevant to your students’ future. AI is just the latest example. Gain more confidence to envision the classroom that your students need and to take the imperfect steps necessary to create it. 

10 AI-Based Upgrades to Teaching and Learning  
Level up your teaching practice with AI assistants like ChatGPT. Explore strategies that AI tools can upgrade teaching and learning in your classroom. Your students will be able to do deeper learning without lots of extra time and effort on your part.  Gain better teaching, better learning with less time.
Strands: Technology, Design

Leena Bakshi McLean Sessions

Keynote: From Dismantling Discrimination to Inclusive Innovation
Leverage your influence to drive innovation, establish equitable systems and master the art of designing for inclusive innovation, with an emphasis on risk-taking, heightened awareness and positive social impact. Learn strategies by engaging in hands-on exercises, collaborative discussions and practical scenarios. Reflect on past and current innovations, discuss effective methods for teaching design thinking and innovation, and work towards fostering a sense of belonging in your classrooms—creating conditions that encourage safe bravery in the pursuit of equitable and impactful innovation. Be equipped to apply strategies for fostering a "Brave Haven" in your classrooms, effectively mitigating discriminatory practices through intentional design thinking, inclusive innovation and cultivating a culture that champions belonging for all students.

AI or AInequity? AI as a Lever for Anti-Bias Lesson Design
AI can never replace the power of educator and student relationships; however, it can absolutely serve as a key tool to leverage and promote educational equity in lesson design. Discover how to use AI tools as an integral part of the lesson planning and design thinking process; and leaders will discover how to implement AI as a tool for instructional coaching and leadership. Learn about ChatGPT/Bard and its implication for the classroom; use these AI tools as a lever for equity-centered decision making in learning spaces; and create lessons using STEM4Real’s DO-KNOW-THINK Framework aligned to the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Explore how to increase academic discourse, strategies for differentiation, accommodations and modifications for students with disabilities, and multilingual resources for emergent multilingual learners. Gain example prompts and an equitable lesson of their own creation using AI. Strands: Technology, Belonging

Asset-Driven APproaches to Student Innovation
Explore strategies for applying multiple means of representation and expression within the context of student innovation practices ensuring that students can engage with instructional content and design challenges in ways that resonate with their individual strengths and learning styles through a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) lens. Delve into the critical role of identity in designing science and engineering practices and discuss how acknowledging and respecting students' identities can lead to a more inclusive classroom environment—enhancing the quality of instruction and encouraging diverse participation in the practices of real-world innovation, science and engineering. Gain knowledge and practical tools to lead the way in transforming learning into a more inclusive, empowering and identity-affirming experience for all students. Become an educational leader who champions the assets and potential within every learner, all while embracing the essential student practices that drive innovation and discovery. Strands: Leadership, Design