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Now Hiring!
EducationPlus is a nonprofit educational service agency that serves 60 member districts throughout the St. Louis region. We are also home to the St. Louis Regional Development Center (RPDC) and the Midwest Educational Technology Community (METC).

Open Positions with EducationPlus

We are looking for qualified individuals to join our organization in the following positions:


    Job Title:                              School Wide Positive Behavior Supports Consultant

    Reports to:                          John Waters, Director of St. Louis RPDC

    Start Date:                           January 4, 2022


    Essential Functions:

    • Actively support the district-wide development of effective implementation of the SW-PBS process to:
      • Increase students’ in-class time for academic instruction;
      • Reduce disciplinary office referrals and disciplinary incidents resulting in detention and in- and out-of-school suspensions for students; and
      • Assist in the development of lifelong social behavior skills.
    • Work directly with districts/schools implementing MO SW-PBS at the building level by:
      • Supporting the development of leadership and collaborative teams;
      • Providing on-site support to districts and schools to promote implementation fidelity;
      • Providing technical assistance with required and recommended evaluation tools;
      • Providing support in analyzing and monitoring formative and summative data to promote collective inquiry, problem solving, and goal setting;
      • Providing support for developing and using quality formative student assessments to drive instruction;
      • Providing technical assistance for developing a systemic, tiered-level intervention process responsive to the needs of all learners;
      • Providing assistance through the collection of required documentation for districts and schools working toward SW-PBS Bronze (Tier 1 with fidelity), Silver (Tier 2 with fidelity) and/or Gold (Tier 3 with fidelity) recognition;
      • Providing support as a member of a CST for implementing SW-PBS or an integrated academic/behavioral model within the DCI framework;
      • Developing a cohort of trained in-district coaches to ensure SW-PBS, or movement toward an integrated academic/behavioral model, is implemented with fidelity and sustainability.
    • Engage in collaborative efforts as requested by DESE:
    • Assisting in the development of materials and resources with RPDC and/or other DESE staff;
    • Participating in collaborative planning meetings with other RPDC and/or DESE staff for identified district and school improvement;
      • Facilitating district and SW-PBS consultant utilization of the VLP




    Requires a skill base of:

    • Effective meeting management and processes/protocols
    • Curriculum development, coaching, presenting, consulting, and facilitating skills
    • Conflict resolution and problem-solving processes
    • Leadership skills
    • Use of technology to enhance professional development including virtual technologies and synchronous,online instruction
    • Development of high quality professional development
    • Meeting deadlines
    • Accurate and timely preparation of reports and progress logs
    • Effective communication skills including face-to-face, virtual communication, and use of social media

    Requires comprehensive knowledge of:

    • The following methodology and implementation processes relative to the Missouri SW-PBS (including, but not limited to):
      • Psychology, behavior analysis, and factors that affect application of behavior principles in schools for all students
      • Classroom management
      • Function-based thinking (FBT)
      • Behavior intervention plans (BIP)
      • Essential components of schoolwide social skills instruction, positive reinforcement and effective discouragement practices
      • Comprehensive knowledge and implementation of the following Missouri Virtual Learning Platform modules:
        • School-Based Implementation Coaching
        • Collaborative Teams
        • Common Formative Assessment
        • Collective Teacher Efficacy
        • Developing Assessment Capable Learners
    • Effective professional development standards for adult learners
    • Understanding the change process and systems change
    • Research-based effective teaching/learning practices including those most effective for students with disabilities
    • Integration of district and school improvement efforts
    • Administrative- and team-based leadership skills
    • Family and community involvement
    • Culturally responsive practices
    • Class Wide Function-related Intervention Teams (CW-FIT)
    • Data programs such as Excel and online applications such as PBIS Apps

    Requires knowledge of:

    • Missouri Learning Standards
    • Missouri Model Curriculum
    • Missouri Educator Standards and Quality Indicators
    • Implementation and scaling up theory/practice
    • Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP)
    • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for All


    Bachelors’ degree in education or closely related field with concentration, specialization and/or emphasis in the appropriate content area is required; master’s degree preferred.


    Must be able to lift 25 pounds


    Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, PowerPoint; web browsers

    REQUIRED TRAVEL:  This position may be required to travel in-state and out-of-state.

    For questions about the position, please contact John Waters, Director of the Regional Professional Development Center by email at

If you are interested in teaching, instructional, administrative or support service positions within the state of Missouri, please visit

For positions outside of Missouri, please visit

Equal Opportunity Employment

EducationPlus is an equal opportunity employer.  It is the policy of EducationPlus to hire the most qualified applicants for all positions.  As part of the policy, EducationPlus provides equal employment opportunities to all qualified applicants through its employment practices, regardless of race, color, ancestry, socio-economic status, marital status, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability or membership in legally-constituted organizations, to the extent required by the applicable laws.  This policy of equal opportunity applies to the employment practices of recruitment, selection, placement, training, promotion, transfer, compensation benefits and termination.