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Now Hiring!
EducationPlus is a nonprofit educational service agency that serves 60 member districts throughout the St. Louis region. We are also home to the St. Louis Regional Development Center (RPDC) and the Midwest Educational Technology Community (METC).

Open Positions with EducationPlus

We are looking for qualified individuals to join our organization in the following positions:

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    Reports to: RPDC Director
    Classification: 12 Month, Full-time, Professional      



    Provide educators with support to assist districts in the development and implementation of effective instructional methods, assessments and/or activities related to improving academic performance. Collaborate with other initiatives and interagency work of the RPDCs and DESE to provide support to identified districts and schools.


    1. Assist in development of training and coaching materials regarding best practice for effective:
      1. Mathematics instruction (and skills related to fluency, appropriate grade level rigor, use of student work to reflect on instruction) and intervention aligned with the acceleration of learning for all students, but especially for students who are struggling in mathematics.
      2. Classroom discourse practices aligned with the current research of instruction and intervention effectiveness for all students, including students who are struggling in mathematics.
    2. Support the use of priority standards instruction and development of resources surrounding priority standards.
    3. Provide support and professional development regarding classroom, local and statewide assessment.
    4. Organize and conduct high-quality training, coaching, and technical assistance:
      1. In the area of instruction including the mathematical teaching practices and mathematical practices.
      2. To school districts to promote best practice for effective mathematics instruction (and skills related to fluency, appropriate grade level rigor, use of student work to reflect on instruction) and intervention aligned with the acceleration of learning for all students.
      3. To school districts regarding best practice for effective classroom discourse practices aligned with the current research of instruction and intervention effectiveness for all students.
    5. Participate in collaborative planning meetings within RPDC, other regional mathematics consultants and DESE staff as requested.
    6. Engage in activities to stay informed on current research related to best practice teaching, learning, and assessment.


    1. Participate in collaborative planning meetings with other mathematics consultants within and across regions.
    2. Assist DESE with the collection of data for statewide analysis.
    3. Attend and actively participate in statewide monthly resource, support, and training meetings, as designated by the DESE master calendar and direction from the DESE Technical Contact and the DESE Mathematics Director.
    4. Report data and consultant activities by the of each month using a DESE provided system.
    5. Assist all partner districts in improving academic achievement of students.
    6. Assist educators in implementing effective, evidenced-based instructional practices and strategies.
    7. Assist identified districts within the region to improve post-secondary outcomes for students
    8. Serve as a mentor for new consultants.
    9. Attend regional and national conferences, as requested by DESE.
    10. Other duties and functions as assigned.


    1. Experience with mathematics instruction, intervention, and assessment practices.
    2. Three years of classroom experience and elementary or secondary content-specific teaching certificate are required.
    3. Understanding of significant research in the field of mathematics education and the ability to apply the findings to the improvement of instruction.
    4. Growth mindset, interest in finding supports to motivate greater learning for students and teachers; enjoy learning
    5. Ability to express complex ideas to a variety of audiences clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.
    6. Ability to manage diverse activities and meet established deadlines.
    7. Ability to establish and maintain rapport and effective working relationships with department staff and local school district personnel.
    8. Ability to analyze complex educational problems and develop feasible solutions.


    Bachelors’ degree in education or closely related field with concentration, specialization and/or emphasis in the appropriate content area is required; master’s degree preferred.


    Must be able to lift 25 pounds


    Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, PowerPoint; web browsers


    This position may be required to travel in-state and out-of-state. 

    Contact Person:  John Waters, Director, St. Louis Regional Professional Development Center       

If you are interested in teaching, instructional, administrative or support service positions within the state of Missouri, please visit

For positions outside of Missouri, please visit

Equal Opportunity Employment

EducationPlus is an equal opportunity employer.  It is the policy of EducationPlus to hire the most qualified applicants for all positions.  As part of the policy, EducationPlus provides equal employment opportunities to all qualified applicants through its employment practices, regardless of race, color, ancestry, socio-economic status, marital status, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability or membership in legally-constituted organizations, to the extent required by the applicable laws.  This policy of equal opportunity applies to the employment practices of recruitment, selection, placement, training, promotion, transfer, compensation benefits and termination.