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Leading from Any Seat: Empowering Every Staff Member as a Leader 

Paya Sample, Keynote Speaker 

Delve into the essence of leadership and redefine it beyond titles and positions. Leadership is not measured by the height of one's stature or the grandeur of one's title but by the depth of one's commitment to uplifting and empowering others. Regardless of where one sits within the organizational hierarchy, every staff member possesses the potential to lead and make a meaningful impact. We'll uncover the hidden opportunities for leadership in everyday actions and interactions, and how they contribute to a culture of empowerment and collaboration. Gain a deeper understanding of your unique strengths and how you can leverage them to uplift and inspire your colleagues. 


Health & Wellness 


Chair Yoga for YOU! 

Terry Harris, The Collective STL 

A rejuvenating chair yoga session designed specifically for office employees. Discover a practical and accessible form of yoga that can be performed right at your desk, using a chair for support. It's the perfect wellness break for busy professionals looking to alleviate physical and mental stress without changing into gym attire. Learn a series of gentle stretches, yoga postures and mindful breathing techniques aimed at combating the physical strains of desk jobs. The movements are tailored to improve flexibility, enhance strength and boost mental clarity — ideal for refreshing your body and mind during a busy workday.  


Filling Our Cup Using the 8-Dimensions of Well-being 

John Converse, EducationPlus 

Delve into a holistic approach to wellness by exploring the eight key dimensions that contribute to our overall wellbeing. From physical health to emotional balance, social connections, spiritual fulfillment and more, we'll uncover practical strategies and insights to cultivate a more fulfilling life. Whether you're seeking to enhance your personal wellness journey or support others in theirs, gain valuable perspectives and actionable steps to nourish every aspect of your being. Let's embark on a journey to fill our cups and thrive in every dimension of our lives. 


Meal Prep for the Work Week with Chef Eric 

Chef Eric Erhard and Chef Amy Feese, Schnucks Cooking School 

Chef Eric Erhard will demonstrate a variety of recipes that are perfect for your work week meal prep as well as weeknight meals for your family. With meal prep comes a variety of benefits from saving time to reducing stress and so much more. Gain techniques to use in your kitchen as well as a variety of recipes to recreate these meals for yourself. 


Mental and Physical Wellness Through Yoga 

Jessie Tavares, Yoga Six | North Side Community School 

Participants will be led through an all-level friendly yoga flow. This will include a time of centering, breath work, warm up, vinyasa and a time of relaxation to close. 


Stretch and Strengthen - Supporting School Staff Wellness 

Erin Lawson, EducationPlus 

This stretching session is designed specifically for school support staffTake a break from your busy day to release tension, improve flexibility and boost energy levels. Discover simple yet effective stretches to promote physical and mental well-being, leaving you refreshed and ready to tackle the day. 


Walk, Talk, Share 

Mary Hendricks-Harris, EducationPlus 

Explore how the power of the podcast experience can be a very different way to learn. The group will select a podcast focused on wellness to enjoy while on a nice, healthy walk. As a cool down, participants will share their learning, thoughts and ideas with the group. Develop professionally while staying fit during this informal and meaningful session. Bring Headphones/EarPods to this session!  



Culture & Climate 


Creating a Conflict-Competent Culture 

Sherri Kulpa, EducationPlus 

"I love conflict!" said no one, everWhile conflict isn’t comfortable, avoiding it can erode relationships and create a climate that gets in the way of a productive and effective workplace. Engage in activities to uncover potential conflict triggers and learn easy-to-apply strategies for managing conflict with win-win outcomes in mind.  


Creating Safety for LGBTQIA+ Folks 

Hayley Limbach, Safe Connections 

Review topics such as working alongside young people in the LGBTQIA+ community, pronoun usage, up-to-date language, statistics regarding community and ways of benefiting and supporting young people who identify or are questioning gender or sexuality. Use art materials as a support for learning and exploring this topic during the presentation. Explore how to create a welcoming space to those identifying in the LGBTQIA+ community, utilize proper language and pronoun usage, and become a trusted adult by those questioning or hiding their sexuality and/or gender.  


Fostering Positive Student Relationships 

Diane Gillaspie and Emily Hilligoss, EducationPlus 

Your role in the school might be the one a student connects with the most. Explore how to foster meaningful relationships built on trust, understanding and connections. Collaborate and discuss different strategies to help build positive relationships to support student success.   


Gifted Kiddos: An Introduction 

Tracy Bednarick-Humes, Lindbergh Schools 

Often society expects gifted students to be smart and mature, but this is not always the case.  Learn about the different types of gifted kids and how we can help them navigate their world at school and beyond.    


Intentional Job-Embedded Joy 

Jana Haywood, Ferguson-Florissant School District and Shamelia Reece, St. Louis Public Schools 

Support staff infuse joy in the job. Participate in activities that supports well-being at work. Hear testimonial from a support staff member whose daily efforts spread joy through the school community during the most challenging times faced in the history of public education. 


Joyful Leadership: Cultivating a Sense of Belonging 

Paya Sample, Keynote Speaker 

Unlock the keys to impactful leadership by embracing the principles of joyful leadership and how you can cultivate a sense of belonging within your organizationAn engaging exploration designed to empower leaders with the essential skills to create a workplace where authenticity and joy thrive. Delve into the critical role of culture as a powerful tool in leadership. By leveraging culture, we can create environments where members of our community feel a genuine sense of belongingThrough interactive discussions, reflective exercises and practical strategies, discover how you can cultivate joy in your work and contribute to a culture of empowerment and collaboration within your workplace. 


Taking Charge... 

Amanda Silverberg, Fort Zumwalt School District 

YOU are important! YOU make a difference! Discuss small strategies that produce large positive results when wanting a positive and fun work environment. Be in control of all opportunities and how they affect you and others; turn negatives into positives! 


The Impact of Our Assumptions and Strategies to Manage Them 

Jason Lievanos, Rockwood School District 

Assumptions can create disconnections with colleagues and kids. By assuming "Best Intentions" and "Seeking to Understand," we are better able to manage the unintended impact of our assumptions, grow our awareness and keep our connections with colleagues and kids. 


Useful Spanish Phrases for Everyday Interactions 

Rob Greenhaw, EducationPlus 

Learn and practice several high-leverage Spanish phrases that can be used when greeting and interacting with Spanish-speaking students and parents. The phrases will be easy to learn, fun and prepare support staff to be welcoming and helpful to Spanish-speaking students and families. 


You Are a Piece of the Culture and Climate Puzzle 

Eric Lawrence and Alyssa Stock, Bayless School District 

A school’s culture and climate entail a multi-faceted approach: self- reflection, choosing courage over comfort, open communication and establishing clear expectations. Discover how to build relationships that empower employees to become leaders and take ownership of their actions. 



Technology & Job Skills 


Adobe Express Quick Actions 

Nate Walden, Five Star, Adobe for Education Partner 

Take your creativity and productivity in Adobe Express to the next level with Quick Actions! This session is great for intermediate-level Express users as it will demonstrate some lesser-known features of this versatile tool. In a few clicks you can create animations from audio files, edit PDFs, convert videos to entertaining GIFs and translate documents into dozens of languages. If possible, please bring a laptop.  


Create with Canva! 

Tracy Bednarick-Humes, Lindbergh Schools 

Want to wow the world with your graphic design skills, but don't know where to start?!  Explore an amazing tool called Canva to design posters, brochures and other documents with ease. Learn how to make appealing media for your school. If possible, bring your own laptop.  


Empowering Administrative Assistants with Canva 

Patricia Brown, Ladue School District 

Unlock the creative potential of Canva for administrative excellence. Are you an administrative assistant looking to enhance your productivity and bring a creative flair to your tasks? Discover how this versatile design tool can revolutionize your workflowLearn how to leverage Canva's user-friendly platform to streamline your administrative duties, enhance your communication materials and add a touch of professionalism to your projects. If possible, bring your own laptop. 


Empowering School Secretaries: Harnessing AI for Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity 

Tina Lauer, City of St. Charles School District 

In today's fast-paced educational landscape, school secretaries play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of educational institutions. Delve into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can be effectively utilized by school secretaries to optimize their administrative tasks, enhance communication and improve overall productivity. Discuss how it can be used ethically in education for everyone (administrators, secretaries, teachers, students, etc.), including data security issues and privacy concerns about AI resources. 


Google Calendar Appointment Scheduling 

Laura Warren, EducationPlus 

Unlock the power of Google Calendar appointment schedulingLearn to create flexible availability slots, share booking links for easy scheduling and even collect information from those booking appointmentsThis works for both your personal calendar and any calendar you have editing access to. If possible, please bring your laptop. 


Google Slides for Parent/Staff Communication 

Tina Lauer, City of St. Charles School District 

Discover the transformative power of Google Slides for school communication in this session tailored for school secretaries/administrative assistants. Learn to create visually engaging newsletters and mock websites with Google Slides. Explore how to insert clickable buttons, shapes, images and videos to create visually appealing communication tools for staff and parents. Gain practical skills and strategies you can use right away to elevate your communication efforts and foster stronger connections with staff, parents and students. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned user, this session will equip you with practical skills to elevate your communication strategy using Google Slides. Time will be provided to explore Google Slides so please make sure you have a free Google account before the session begins.If possible, please bring a laptop. 


How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Efficiency for Support Staff 

Erin Lawson, EducationPlus 

Explore the transformative impact of AI on educational support roles. Learn how leveraging AI tools can enhance efficiency and streamline tasks. Discover practical applications and tools tailored to optimize workflow in educational environments. 


Marie Kondo Your Google Drive 

Christy Brooks, American Institutes for Research 

Spark joy in your workday by decluttering your digital life. Learn practical tips to declutter your digital space, streamline workflow and improve productivity. Say goodbye to a messy Drive and hello to a happier, more efficient you! If possible, bring your laptop.  


Plan your Work and Work your Plan: Practical tips for workplace organization 

Lynn White, EducationPlus 

Discover the importance of organization in your everyday work life. Explore the research and gain practical tips for organizing your space, tasks and time that can be immediately put into action.  


Projects Made Easy with 

Laura Warren, EducationPlus 

Design like a pro for free with Through exploring products and pre-designed templates, learn how to create and customize labels, name tags and a variety of other projects including how to add your own images. Explore how to mail merge with google sheets. If possible, bring your laptop. 


The Joy of Creativity with Adobe Express 

Nate Walden, Five Star, Adobe for Education Partner 

Adobe Express is a powerful creation tool that gives students, educators and faculty everything they need to create standout graphics, flyers, web pages and videos to express themselves both inside and outside the classroom. This session provides an overview of Adobe Express, a hands-on opportunity to create and additional resources to continue your learning. If possible, bring your laptop. 


Unlocking AI’s Potential! The Good, The Bad and the Amazing 

Patricia Brown, Ladue School District 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming education. Explore the potential benefits and challenges of AI in the workplace and how AI is being used today. If possible, bring your laptop.