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Are you IN?

Save the date for Wednesday, March 29, 2023! This inaugural conference builds on the groundwork established by the METC conference and moves it forward to ignite that innovative spirit – in all of us!

The introduction of technology was innovative and now it’s integrated in everything we do. What’s next? Is it a big idea? Or is it that small tweak that makes a BIG difference? Innovation can be a BIG leap… or BABY steps… but it always improves and strengthens an existing program, practice or process.

This conference is centered around students... how an educator can improve their craft, a leader can enhance their thinking and a school community can expand their impact. But the heart of all we do – is our students. How do we create a safe environment for our students to explore, enhance their learning and expand their horizons? Ensuring student success is always our priority.

If you’re always thinking about innovation or not sure how to be innovative, there is something at this conference for you! We’ll ignite that innovative spirit and help you carry it forward in your classroom, school or district.




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