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Equity Audit


What is an Equity Audit?

EducationPlus has developed an Equity Audit to provide your school an unbiased view of how they are meeting the needs of all students and staff by providing equitable access and opportunities for learning and wellbeing.

The EdPlus equity audit process is intended to equip schools with information that can be used as part of their continuous improvement plan.​

The audit is meant to capture snapshots of four key areas – classroom, structures and systems, public spaces and print materials - from across the building over a brief period of time.​ Team members are assigned a specific area of focus for the audit and will collect "snapshots" of the assigned focus. This information is collected in an "album" to provide the school with a broad view of the four key areas.​  

The audit is not a judgement on the school, but an observation of practices, policies and procedures. ​The school/district determines next steps following the audit. ​

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what we audit

Our Process

Pre-Interview: EdPlus team meets with staff to discuss the process and understand the school and its procedures.  

Walk: EdPlusTeam will observe assigned areas.

Reflect: EdPlus Team spends time reflecting on observations and synthesizing information.​

Post Observation Interview: School shares goals and data with EdPlus Team.

Data Debrief/Analysis: EdPlus Team discusses observations and other data collected.

Share: EdPlus Team compiles data into comprehensive report to share with building/district leaders.​

If you would like more information about the equity audit process, or wish to schedule an audit, please contact Brian Lankheit at