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Strategic Planning


The Purpose

The Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) is a blueprint that outlines a school district's strategic approach to allocating resources, redefining best practices, and integrating strategies and services aimed at elevating student performance, as assessed by the MSIP performance indicators. Within the CSIP framework, successful existing programs and services are strategically integrated to maximize their impact on achieving high levels of student achievement. This CSIP serves as a guiding compass for the district's long-term improvement journey, spanning a period of three to five years. Rooted in data-driven decision-making, the CSIP is intentionally designed to enhance student performance and also promote overall student well-being.

The Process

Build Capacity of District Leadership Team

  • Build foundational understanding of the WHY behind strategic planning
  • Establish priorities based on data and input
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of district leaders
  • Define the work of strategic priority subcommittees and identify methods for monitoring progress

CSIP Planning Sessions

  • Clarify the WHY behind strategic planning
  • Write, rewrite or commit to the district mission and vision
  • Examine data and strategically allocate district supports and resources based on identified priorities
  • Establish district goals, action steps and systems to monitor the work 

The Deliverables

  • Data analysis and comprehensive needs assessment based on multiple forms of data
  • Steering Committee facilitation to maximize the valuable input from both internal and external stakeholders
  • CSIP plan development in compliance with DESE standards that will include mission, vision, priority areas, goals, action steps and supporting data that will focus on a three to five year timeframe
  • Establishment of subcommittees to monitor progress and implement necessary adjustments


Download this FORM for more information