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STEAM Career Development resources are available to school districts through the St. Louis RPDC\EducationPlus. 

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Our resources provide countless students in your school an opportunity
to experience learning before
returning the items to EducationPlus.

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For more information about the free STEAM Lending Library, contact Michelene Carbol at




Bee Bots/Pro Bots

Bee-Bot is an exciting robot designed specifically for use by young children. This colorful and easy-to-operate robot is the perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation, problem-solving and just having fun! Pro-Bot is the latest in Logo technology. A turtle robot, cleverly disguised as a race car, Pro-Bot offers students an enticing, engaging and hands-on experience with Logo programming as well as robotic controls.




Create stories by building characters, game art and games.  The app enables students to edit and customize everything about their game - what it looks like and how elements interact and behave.  Students can write narratives for their games using Story blocks, build logic puzzles with Action blocks and transform their characters with Power-ups.



Breakout EDU

This immersive learning gaming platform enables the facilitation of games where players use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open the locked box. Bring your classroom to the next level by infusing communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and social-emotional learning skills.




Dash and Dot are robots that can sense, act and think! Students use block coding on four different iPad apps to control their robots. The robots are a safe and easy way to encourage STEAM learning in your classroom.


LEGOs inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through creative thinking, teamwork, communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.



Makey Makey

MaKey MaKey will transform everyday objects into computer interfaces. Plug the USB device into your computer and use it to make your own switches that act like keys on the keyboard: Make + Key = MaKey MaKey! It's plug and play. No additional electronics or programming skills required.




MERGE Cube along with Merge EDU apps provide an innovative way to engage students to learn and interact with the digital world. Students can explore a galaxy in the palm of their hand, hold fossils and ancient artifacts, explore a DNA molecule, investigate the Earth’s core, dissect a virtual frog, hold and share their own 3D creations, and much more!




Osmo is a unique gaming accessory that will change the way your student plays. The suite of Osmo games includes apps that feature drawing, literacy, physics puzzles, spatial reasoning and coding. Each one offers an "augmented reality" experience where mobile apps bring real-world accessories to life.


Ozobot is a small toy robot that blends the physical and digital worlds to teach students about coding and STEAM.  Using different colored markers to denote different directions, students draw paths for the Ozobot to follow and give commands such as slow down, speed up, stop, etc. Ozobot presents a fun, easy way to introduce students to the fields of robotics, computer science, engineering and software design.


Snap Circuits / Sillbird Solar Robot / Electric MotorRobot

A safe and fun way to introduce children to the basics of electrical engineering! Improve your stuent’s imagination and creativity by challenging them to build their own robots  


Sphero Mini, Bolt and Sphero SPRK+

Sphero robots can supplement a STEAM curriculum. Students code or program the robot to draw a picture, play a game, dance to a song or build mazes, obstacles, towers and other courses to navigate a room.   Equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer and colorful LED lights, the robot is the perfect entry into robotics. Beginner learners can drive and play STEAM-inspired games while more experienced learners can advance to programming. 



Virtuali-Tee takes Science to a new dimension enabling students to learn about the human body...on a human body. With augmented reality and amazing 3D learning experiences, students explore the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. Virtual expert Hans Glover explains the anatomy and physiological systems in the body. Download the free app, put on the Virtuali-Tee, scan the tee and tap anywhere on the screen to peel back the layers of the body.