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Thurs. June 9


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Day Two: Thursday, June 9, 2022

Current Session Grid as of 4-28-2022


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8:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. 

Opening Session – Keynote: Valentina Gonzalez 

Designing Equitable Literacy Landscapes for MLs 


Teaching is extremely rewarding while at the same time challenging. Teaching multilingual learners may be one of the most rewarding careers in education. We have an important role as advocates and as leaders. The recent state of the world and unprecedented global pandemic have brought to the surface many inequities that affect multilingual learners and their families. Explore ideas for centering multilingual learners to embrace diversity and ensure equity in educational practices.  


9:30 a.m. – 10:20 a.m. 


Multimedia Projects to Build Background and Language 

Sarah Hollstrom, Pattonville School District 

Room 323 

Discover how to use multimedia projects in sheltered high school EL classes to build background knowledge and develop language. Analyze specific student-created examples of projects from math, science and poetry. 


Destressifying: Strategies to Alleviate Stress 

Cynthia Chasteen, Heart of Missouri RPDC 

Room 331 

Stress is abundant in education. Explore techniques and strategies to alleviate stress with an emphasis on cultivating greater awareness and presence. Some of the practices that will be introduced include mindfulness, mindful movement and a variety of meditation techniques. 


Communication Equity for Multilingual Families 

Anne Truran, KIPP: St. Louis Public Schools 

Room 325 

Address concerns of staff who are unsure how to communicate with families who speak other languages or are overwhelmed by the idea of using interpreters. Explore the most common obstacles to interpretation services actually getting used. Learn tangible strategies, suited to your situation that you can roll out for the 22-23 school year to improve communication equity for multilingual families. Together, we will tackle lack of confidence using tools and gaps at your school. 


Emergent Bilinguals Arguing for Change 

Carol Lickenbrock, Parkway Schools 

Room 329 

Can study of elements of the argument genre be empowering? Absolutely! Practice strategies emergent bilinguals can use not only to analyze and create effective arguments, but to discover they can affect change through their speaking and writing. 


Enhancing Academic Language for ELs 

Emily Brown, Kansas City RPDC 

Room 346 

Ever wonder how to make vocabulary instruction more intentional and powerful for your English Learners? In this session, we will discover and deepen our knowledge around engaging ways we can support ELs with decoding academic vocabulary in all content areas. 


10:30 a.m. – 11:20 a.m. 


Assets-Based Lesson Planning with MLs at the Heart and Mind 

Valentina Gonzalez, Keynote Speaker 

Room 346 

Explore practical techniques teachers of MLs can use to embrace and honor cultures and languages even when we don’t speak the languages our students do. We will examine powerful instructional practices that maximize the linguistic and cultural strengths our multilingual learners possess.  


Teaching Reading for K-2 Multilingual Learners 

Rachel Emanuel-Prude, Parkway Schools 

Meghan Schultz, Parkway Schools 

Room 323 

Explore best practices and share practical strategies for teaching early literacy skills to our youngest school-aged multilingual learners. We will discuss ideas such as orthographic mapping, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. 


Picture This: Educating Others About ELs 

Beth Butcher, Columbia Public Schools 

Room 325 

Using picture books is an easy, effective way to teach about other cultures. Discover activities and examples of multicultural picture books that can be used to help educate general education teachers and students about EL families in their building. 


Engagement Protocols That Work! 

Lindsay Schmidt, EducationPlus 

Room 329 

Engaging all students in the learning process can seem daunting at times. Explore a variety of engagement strategies and protocols that will get students moving, collaborating and learning together. Come prepared to participate and have fun! 

11:30 a.m. – 12:20 p.m. 



12:30 p.m. – 1:20 p.m. 


Assets-Based Lesson Planning with MLs at the Heart and Mind 

Valentina Gonzalez, Keynote Speaker 

Room 346 

Explore practical techniques teachers of MLs can use to embrace and honor cultures and languages even when we don’t speak the languages our students do. We will examine powerful instructional practices that maximize the linguistic and cultural strengths our multilingual learners possess.  


Communicating Across Cultures 

Sarah Barekzai, All Access Interpreters 

Room 331 

Discover how to work with families of various backgrounds by helping them identify different communication styles. The communication process can be improved by making adjustments and getting a better understanding of other cultural norms. 


Find and Design Technology Enhanced Activities 

Stephanie Madlinger, EducationPlus 

Room 325 

Learn examples of lesson design that use technology-enhanced activities and discover tools and strategies for technology-integrated lessons. Review methods for creating engaging lessons that will provide you with a toolbox of resources to support practical learning experiences and assessments. 


Anchoring Writing Instruction 

Rachel Mizera, Wright City R-II School District 

Daisy Skelly, Wright City R-II School District 

Room 329 

Anchor charts are a great visual tool for students to self-monitor during the writing process and as an assessment tool for teachers. We will model the use of Anchor Charts for each proficiency level in Writing for K-5 students.  


Making Text More Comprehensible 

Tracy Retherford, Cape Girardeau Public Schools 

Room 323 

Experience the burden some students may feel with comprehension. Discover how easy text transformation is for K-12 grade ELs! A variety of tools, examples and text formats will be presented. Bring a text for immediate application during this session. 


1:30 p.m. – 2:20 p.m. 


Data, Accountability and Spending, Oh My! 

Cammy Goucher, Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education 

Shawn Cockrum, Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education 

Room 329 

Learn about updates regarding Title III with regards to data, accountability and use of funds. 


Making Math More Visible for Multilingual Learners 

Julie Antill, Southeast RPDC 

Room 346 

Discover how visual mathematics and different representations build conceptual development. Explore strategies that will grow ELs as more confident mathematicians who show problem-solving skills through the expressive communication mode of speaking, writing and representing understanding. 


Hear Me Speak and See Me Write 

Julie Hernandez, School District of University City 

Room 325 

Explore strategies and ideas for speaking activities that transfer over to writing designed specifically for EL Students. Gain a framework for creating speaking activities that easily lead to writing for all students. 


Curious About Co-Teaching? 

Lauren Bax, Hazelwood School District 

Michele Lashly, Hazelwood School District 

Room 323 

Learn how to get started, or move further along, with your co-teaching journey. Two co-teachers will model one of their classroom lessons that demonstrates all of the CoTEL6. They will also share tips about what makes their co-teaching so successful.  


Connecting Your Island 

Samantha Noel, Hazelwood School District 

Room 331 

Feeling isolated is a rather common occurrence amongst educators in the TESOL field. Discover a variety of ways that EL educators can "connect their island" to others in their building, district and beyond. 


2:30 p.m. – 3:20 p.m. 


Goal Setting for Student Success 

Jess Marty, Hazelwood School District 

Room 325 

The Hazelwood School District uses a combination of student goal setting and parent meetings to maximize EL instruction and increase parental participation. Learn about the processes they have in place and leave with sample materials to use in the classroom. 


Language Justice 

Annie Niehoff, Parkway Schools 

Room 329 

Explore the current climate of language access and advocacy, and learn how to tap into the local movements for educational change. Gain tangible action items aligned to your personal commitment to moving the needle forward in language justice. This session will introduce national and local resources for language justice and will utilize the collective knowledge of the group to push our understanding further.   


Walk, Talk and Share 

Jonathon Lee, EducationPlus 

Room 331 

Explore how the power of the podcast experience can be a very different way to learn. Select a podcast (suggestions provided) focused on effective EL instructional strategies to enjoy while on a nice, healthy walk. As a cool down, participants will share their learning, thoughts and ideas with the group. Develop professionally while staying fit. 


Besties! Culturally Responsive Teaching and UDL 

Rob Greenhaw, EducationPlus 

Room 346 
Explore how the principles of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Universal Design for Learning can be used together to plan lessons that put students in charge of their own learning. These approaches allow EL students to access content in ways that honor their lived experiences and interests. 


Operating From an Asset-Based Approach 

Berri Richardson, EducationPlus 

Room 323 

An asset-based approach focuses on strengths and values diversity in thought, culture and traits as positive assets. Learn how to develop instructional practices that focus on students' strengths and promotes a growth mindset. 


3:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

Closing Session