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EducationPlus is a passionate voice for Missouri's students and educators. We work in Jefferson City with our legislators and lobbyists to advocate for public education issues that impact our members. 

Stay informed on key issues during the current Missouri Legislative session through our key bill tracking

Want to contact your legislator? Find your local legislator including contact information. Reach out to your elected officials and let them know that you are passionate about public education issues. 

Build a legislative network within your school district and invite your legislators to visit your school or upcoming activities so they feel connected and engaged with our local schools. 

EdPlus staff can deliver an update to your board or parent group on the legislative process and key issues, or provide training on how to develop an advocacy network.

During the Missouri Legislative Session, the Missouri School Administrators Coalition provides an update on legislative bills and issues related to public education. EdPlus members qualify to receive the Legislative Bulletin.

If you have questions about legislation, advocacy efforts or how to contact your elected officials, contact Christine McDonald at or 314-692-1233.

EducationPlus Provides Advocacy Services for

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2021 Legislative Priorities

As the bedrock of strong local communities, public schools have continued to serve our students’ educational and emotional well-being in the midst of a global pandemic. Every school district is experiencing a unique set of issues that requires flexibility and a decision making process rooted in local control to meet the needs of students, staff and families. This experience has put a spotlight on the ability of schools to innovate and deliver varying modes of education. It has never been more critical to support and fund public schools’ ability to educate our children to ensure the future success of our state and will require us to work together in identifying additional alternative funding sources.  

Our priorities include: 

  • Addressing students’ educational, social and emotional well-being
  • Ensuring accountability and innovation to ensure an equitable education for all students
  • Supporting local control to determine school policies 
  • Full funding of Missouri public schools

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Form a Legislative Network in Your School District

Take these steps to turn information into advocacy

  • Plan ahead by identifying a network of parents and staff within your district to advocate for schools
  • Establish an on-going relationship with your legislators
  • Share information with your network and encourage to contact legislators throughout the year
  • When important issues to public schools arise in the legislature, encourage your network to contact your legislators

Why have a network of people to advocate for schools?

  • Legislators are elected locally and seek input from their local communities on issues
  • Legislators notice who they are and are not hearing from - including their local school districts
  • A legislative network can reinforce the perspective/work of school districts
  • Share the impact of laws/legislative issues
  • Builds relationships with your local legislators that is broader than just administrators

How do you connect with your legislators?

  • Get to know your legislators and communicate with them regularly throughout the year
  • Invite them to events and activities; and include them on newsletters and/or publications
  • Share success stories from your school district
  • Get to know their legislative aides
  • Serve as a resource when they want more information or better understand issues important to public schools
  • When an important issue for public schools arise in the legislature, let them know why it is important and the impact on their local school district
  • Send an email or leave a phone message to thank them when they support issues important to public schools