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UMB Purchasing Card



UMB Bank Purchasing Card
EducationPlus and UMB Bank have partnered to create a Purchasing Card that aggregates the spending of all participants to maximize everyone’s rebate. UMB’s combination of benefits, service and no-cost technology can help school districts achieve more with less.

Increased Rebate

  • No minimum level of spend to receive the rebate
  • No average transaction requirements
  • Rebate level driven by the consortium participant’s aggregate spend

Cost Savings

  • No annual card fee
  • No implementation or training fees

Dedicated Customer Service

  • Committed service team to help maximize your program
  • Customized solutions based on UMB’s expertise

Leverage the buying power of all our members by participating in the UMB Bank Purchasing Card and increase your rebates with each purchase. School districts wishing to enroll can contact Kelly Hackworth at at 314-692-1210 or Dennis D. Wegner with UMB at