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ISTE Certification



What is ISTE Certification?

ISTE Certification for Educators is the only vendor-neutral, internationally recognized credential for educators who have demonstrated mastery of the ISTE Standards for Educators. ISTE Certification focuses on pedagogy, not on tools or devices, and is designed to change your educational practice – whether you’re a classroom teacher, instructional designer, library media specialist, technology coach or in another role. The program combines 14 weeks of professional learning with a six-month portfolio application and review process, and recipients can apply to receive up to four graduate-level credits for their participation. Is it rigorous? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes!

What Makes ISTE Certification Unique?

  • Focus on pedagogy: prioritizes pedagogy over learning specific tools or devices, and is designed to change your practice
  • Credible design: grounded in the ISTE Standards for Educators and is facilitated by ISTE Certified Trainers
  • Rigor: 14 weeks of online learning, followed by up to six months to apply learning and develop job-embedded artifacts for portfolio submission
  • Outcomes: ISTE Certified Educators are prepared to model effective practice for others in their schools
  • Lifelong community: join a global community of educators dedicated to supporting each other as they put the Educator Standards into practice



Why Get ISTE Certified?

ISTE Certification challenges you to stretch yourself as an educator and positions you as an expert among your colleagues. Becoming ISTE certified:

  • Deepens and expands your teaching skill set in applying the ISTE Standards for Educators in practice
  • Allows you to earn up to four graduate-level credits
  • Connects you with an international community of education change-makers
  • Prepares you to model effective practice for others in your school or district

With this certification, you’ll earn international recognition for your technology leadership skills and be prepared to support your teacher network in integrating tech to enhance student outcomes!

Why ISTE Certification Through METC?

Since 2018, METC has supported hundreds of educators in over 30 U.S. states and 5 countries through their ISTE Certification journey. As one of the first Certification Authorized Providers in the world, METC can offer ISTE Certification training through a fully online format. All METC Trainers are ISTE Certified Educators and ISTE Certified Trainers. METC trainers are skilled and certified in a variety of high-quality professional learning including Google for Education, Cognitive Coaching, Microsoft EDU, Positive Behavior Support, Diversity, Equity and National Board Certification.

Contact Director of Educational Innovation and METC, Stephanie Madlinger at or 314-692-1212 to create a customized ISTE Certification for your school or school district.




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