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Exploring the Future of Education: AI-Powered Learning with ChatGPT

Greg Lawrence, Wentzville School District

Learn how to leverage the power of AI and ChatGPT to enhance the learning experience for K12 students, including techniques for creating personalized learning, fostering critical thinking skills and improving student engagement.

Explore how to incorporate AI-powered learning into the classroom experience and better prepare students for their future.

Graphic Design Meets Proof of Learning

Eleanna Liscombe, Orchard Farm School District

Learn how basic graphic design tools can transform boring presentations that students read from a screen to POPPIN' files that are entertaining and prove learning.

Experiment with easy-to-use graphic design tools to create a lesson visual that can teach students about graphic design, self-expression and presentation best practices.

Gain strategies for guiding students on how to use Google tools and technology to create projects that prove their learning while entertaining their audience.

If You Give a Student an iPad...

Jennifer Orton and Andrea Eggering, Lincoln County R-III School District

Learn practical strategies for integrating creativity with iPad.

Explore a variety of creative tools and resources available with the iWorks apps on iPad.

Gain templates and ideas to integrate creativity with iPads in your classrooms.

Making Math Thinking Visible with Mathigon and Desmos

Christy Brooks and Kati Quinn, EducationPlus 

Learn what Mathigon and Desmos has to offer with math manipulatives, lessons and activities. 

Explore and create activities and lessons in Mathigon and Desmos.  Participants will be able to use what they create today to put into practice tomorrow. 

The Magic Circle: Play and Game Design in the Classroom

Dan Holden, The School District of University City

Learn how to embed elements of game design into lessons.

Create interactive fiction and games with HTML using Twine.

Gain a new perspective of lesson and curriculum design and apply those concepts to your classroom instruction.

Missouri's Open Educational Resources (OER)

Darren Swanson, University of Missouri

Learn how to use our free, online resource hub.

Explore the hub by using a login, finding resources and creating your own content.

Create your own OER for future use.

Robot Integration for All Subject Areas

Hannah Dyksen and Abigail Hawkins, Fort Zumwalt School District

Learn how to use robots to teach more than just computer science and coding.

Evaluate how robots have been used in the past, consider how to incorporate into more areas than just computer science and practice using robots in new ways.

Gain ideas on how to use robots in new ways.

Videography Made Easy

Cassie Ema, Ava Smith and Nia Smith, Confluence Academy

Learn some of our favorite resources and methods that make video creation painless, easy, fun and fast.

Using these resources, participants will script, draft and record their own video to share in the session and in their home environment.

Apply the content and teaching knowledge they already have as well as the videography tips we will provide to craft their own instructional video.