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Curriculum and Instruction Sessions


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Movement and Learning: Tapping into the Brain-Body Connection

Bryan Dunn, EducationPlus

Learn about the brain-body connection and its importance in the learning process along with some techniques to get started and habits to help build your practice. 

Move during the learning process gathering new knowledge about how to implement small changes to impact your movement goals. 

Apply movement research to your lesson plan, meeting schedule and daily life.   

Our PBL Journey

Stephanie Knight and Jamie Scoles, School District of Washington

Learn how we planned and implemented a PBL unit in a kindergarten classroom. 

Create your own PBL project with materials provided. 

Gain the confidence and tools necessary to plan your own PBL unit at any grade level.   

Pirate Academy: A Model for Launching a Personalized Competency-Based Learning Program 

Maegan Bowersox and Sarah Moran, Pattonville School District

Learn how using personalized, competency-based learning can close learning gaps and help all students succeed.  

Reflect on the learning issues and gaps within your own school system and brainstorm next steps for changing your classroom or building practice.  

Create a personal statement with your WHY behind shifting toward more learner centered practices, identify multiple areas in which your current system has struggled to meet the needs of diverse learners and develop action steps toward initiating or continuing this change within your instructional context.

Starting Out with the MO CS Standards

April Burton, Francis Howell School District

Discover how our district meets the MO Computer Science Standards by dividing them into age appropriate units and designing exciting learning opportunities for our students.

Explore free resources that engage students while also meeting the MO CS Standards.

Gain turnkey activities to take back to your own classroom.

Students Ideas Matter

Patrick Brown and Eric Richards, Fort Zumwalt School District

Learn how to use students’ ideas and experiences as assets for learning that promotes deep conceptual understanding. 

Discover how to construct knowledge and experience how instructional sequence deepens understanding. 

Explore key instructional design features and apply to your unique teaching. 

Teaching Generation Alpha

Jacqueline Beyer and Taylor Pierce, Affton School District

Learn to tailor instruction to meet the needs of generation alpha and engage them in community activism. 

Apply strategies to engage generation alpha and make learning relevant. 

The Great Merge: Blended Learning and Differentiation

Tanya Garcia, EducationPlus and Melissa Kirchoff, Francis Howell School District

Learn how to differentiate through blended learning while empowering your students to take control of their own learning. 

Engage in activities that explore different blended learning models and ways to differentiate to meet the needs and learning preferences of all learners. 

Create a plan to implement blended learning in your own classroom by adapting concepts learned to fit the needs of your students and your school. 

Turbo Texts: Book Studies for Kids and Adults

Sherri Kulpa, EducationPlus

Learn how to engage students and staff in book studies that are fun and fast!

Engage in turbo text studies covering a few new books on education.

Apply the strategies in your own setting with kids and adults.