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30 Second Feedback

Ted Huff and Bev Boyd, EducationPlus

Learn how to provide nonevaluative, positive feedback in 30 seconds.

Practice skills with a peer.

Gain the essential four steps to provide feedback to teachers and students.

Building Relational Trust with Your Families

Julia Pile and Laura Gilchrist, ParentCamp

Learn how to build the primary resource needed to establish a beloved school community - Relational Trust. 

Engage in dialogue with other attendees to reflect and learn how to build relational trust with families.  

Gain simple actions and strategies that can be implemented immediately within your school that will begin to build trust with your families.

Building Schedules that Support Students' Needs

Jim Hieger, Wentzville School District

Learn how to use student data to build supports and tiered intervention systems.

Explore options to support students by reviewing the North Point High School schedule and identify potential supports that can be offered in your own schools.

Discover additional ideas and structures that can be implemented to support students with academic and social emotional behaviors.

Coaching For Success

Megan Gretzinger, Clinton School District

Learn coaching strategies and how to best implement them for a successful coaching cycle.

Exchange ideas and share successes and struggles in the coaching process.

Gain strategies to complete successful coaching cycles.

Facing the Unknown and Why It's Good for You

Ryan Myers and Ashley Rube, The Improv Shop

Focus on how "yes, and" is fundamental to authentic collaboration and dynamic leadership.

Explore how your team can take lessons from improv and apply them to the work you and your teams do every day.

Learn the basics of improv fundamentals and play improv games to practice new skills.

Gain skills to build more collaborative environments and create teams that embrace risk through shared vulnerability and play.

Implementing Effective Learning Labs 

Deidra Brinker and Megen Booker, Sullivan School District 

Learn how Sullivan Primary implemented an effective peer observation process. 

Develop a process that meets the needs of your staff. 

Gain a better understanding of creating meaningful peer observations and create a plan that will benefit your staff. 

Lighting the Way to Innovation in Your Building

Julie Tiemeyer and Jessica Henslee, Francis Howell School District 

Learn a systematic approach to creating a learning pathway for teachers aligned with innovation research and the ISTE Standards. 

Discover how to create an innovative learning environment that will take students’ learning to new levels and fosters an innovative learning environment.  

Gain applications for a systematic approach on creating high levels of staff professional development and strategies for "in classroom" teacher and student innovation learning. 

Managing Change in a Complex Environment 

Erin Lawson, Orchard Farm School District

Discover a model that will help you create a system for a successful change within your classroom and/or organization that will minimize confusion, anxiety and false starts, and will not take forever.  

Examine each component of the Complex Change model and share examples of what it looks like when it’s missing in action and how we can fill the gaps to make a successful change. 

Reflect, share and apply learnings to create an action plan to take back to your district. 

Recruiting and Retaining Teachers: A Leader's Priority 

Gena McCluskey and Lorie Rost, Heart of Missouri RPDC 

Learn how to attract, onboard and retain teachers in this fast-paced session. 

Discover how to recognize leadership skill sets needed in the HR pipeline and to identify culture characteristics that play a major role in this area. 

Gain the necessary tenets of a comprehensive onboarding plan.