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AI Alley Sessions


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UCM-ETLS ai alley

Elevate your conference experience at UCM-ETLS ai alley located on the ninth floor:

  • Lindbergh: Showcase zone where presenters are engaging with attendees through live demonstrations and interactive discussions. Learn from students who will display student projects generated from AI.
  • Spirit of St. Louis: Featured Speakers will share sessions centered around AI topics.
  • Conference Room #2: Connect with UCM Ed Tech and Library Science (ETLS) fellow alumni, current students and faculty to share knowledge and insight on how you can enhance your professional and academic toolkit.
  • Conference Room #1: Collaborative space to crowd-source and share your favorite AI tools with other attendees. Stop by, leave an idea and get some new ones!
  • Main Hallway: Hands-on exploration of Van Robotics Abii Smart Robot that personalizes K-5 math, reading and SEL lessons.


AI Student Showcase

Eleanna Liscombe, Orchard Farm School District

Learn how your students can responsibly dip their toes into the AI pool with some fun, entry level lessons and project ideas.

Discuss and explore with students the ethical and responsible use of AI for schoolwork, and see their art, website and podcast projects created using AI.

Understand the benefits that AI provides students to enhance their critical thinking and research skills as well as creative expression.

Access classroom ready lesson resources.

Strands: Technology, Design

Engagement, Efficiency, Experimentation: The 3 Es of Artificial Intelligence

Hope Nilges, Gasconade County R-II School District

Learn to harness the power of AI to enhance lessons from planning all the way through assessment.

Access AI tools with guidance, ask questions and collaborate with presenters and peers.

Gain access to a variety of tools as well as ideas on how to use them to create lessons that can be used immediately in your classrooms.

Strands: Technology, Design

Enter Skynet: How AI Can Help the Most Vulnerable Learners

Lindsey Weatherby, Special School District/ Lindbergh Schools

Learn how to utilize AI resources to best support students with IEPs and struggling learners.

Interact with AI sites to differentiate.

Apply newly acquired knowledge to differentiate and support students’ needs quickly and with ease.

Strands: Technology

Ethics and Technology Education: Adding a Conscience to Our Digital World

Abby Hawkins and Abby Finney, Fort Zumwalt School District



Learn that ethics is a missing piece of the puzzle in our technology education and share ideas on how to integrate technological ethical concepts across all grade levels.

Generate a Flip board of ideas on how to integrate ethical concepts and technology education within all different classroom settings, which will spark in-person discussions on how to make the ideas a reality.

Gain the confidence to guide students to become responsible digital citizens who bring the conscience to a conscious-less digital world.

Strands: Technology


Innovate with AI Design Tools

Danna Bruns, Jackson R-2 School District


Learn about AI tools to help you create presentations and images while saving you time!

Create your own original images.

Gain the ability to generate a rough draft of a presentation in seconds.

Strands: Design, Technology