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EducationPlus Cooperative Purchasing offers quality products at competitive prices that have been through a local or national bid process. This saves school districts time because they do not have to handle the bid process.

Benefits of EducationPlus Cooperative Purchasing:

  • Any school district, university, public entity, government agency or non-profit can purchase from our Marketplace.
  • From pencils to roofs, the Marketplace offers a large selection of products. 
  • Our bidding process enables us to offer competitive prices. 
  • EducationPlus partners with Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA) to provide nationally bid products.
  • Our representatives can handle refunds or exchanges and resolve any issues.

Interested in learning more? Contact our staff. 

Chief Operating Officer Steve Griggs at or 314-692-1209
Customer Service Representative Sarah Golliday at or 314-692-1235
Customer Service Representative Caitlin Morgan at or 314-692-1226



• Compare Items From Multiple Vendors within One Screen
• Immediate Savings Alert For A Lower Priced Item Compared To One In Your Cart
• Multiple Users Can Save And Share A Single Cart Saving You Time
• Streamline Orders With Multiple Vendors All In One Cart
• Real Time Ordering Convenience
• Search All Products And Services Easily By Keyword, Category, Item or Name